Saturday, 2018-04-21

Turquoise Bay Complex

Bodrum-Tuzla / Boğaziçi Köyü
Turquoise Bay is being built over an area of 10,000m² and contains 14 units of duplex apartment and 32 units of 2-bedroom apartment. The views from the complex are spectacular over the Bay of Mandalya with its crystal blue waters and clear skies. Location: Bodrum / Tuzla • Price: 65.000,- € - 85.000,- €

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Myndos Hills

Bodrum / Gümüşlük
This peaceful town is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula. It has modest restaurants and several pensions and motels, but it retains a small-scale atmosphere for the simple reason that most of the village is designated an official archeological site no landscaping alterations or or new groundbreakings are allowed. Location: Bodrum / Gümüşlük • Price: 65.000,- € - 85.000,- €

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